About Us

“When you are out walking, nature does not confront you for three quarters of an hour only with flowers and in the next only with animals.” This analogy given by Lionel Elvin in 1977 best describes the need of an interdisciplinary journal such as ours. Isolated educational experiences through hyper specialized courses have created individuals and professionals who can only perceive the kaleidoscopic present day situations only through filtered one dimensional approach. 

To introduce, the International journal of Social, Economic & Legal Sciences is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal. It publishes articles on a broad range of issues springing out of social, Economic and legal domains. The journal was born as a result of deep-rooted interest of the founders in the social, Economic and legal arenas. In a time where invention, innovation, entertainment, education and politics are cascading into one big unanimity, we are underprepared to envision how a change in one could create ripples in another or all the others. The objective of this journal is to provide a platform that allows individuals specializing in different fields to come together and interact. The journal focuses on developing deep insight in the relevant fields. In this spirit, the journal’s main purpose is to publish outstanding articles related to the fields and spread knowledge by reaching out to maximum number of readers. Our aim is to make quality research accessible to all and in the process enrich our own knowledge banks.